The Only Thing That Matters In Your Training Right Now

There’s only one thing you should be focused on when it comes to getting better at powerlifting and it’s not your lifetime goals.

It’s easy to get caught up with your long term powerlifting goals.

Squatting 500 lbs

Benching 400

Whatever else.

But if you’re not within striking distance of those goals, spending any significant amount of mental energy on them is a waste of time, in my opinion.

Instead, I’d propose putting your efforts into “the next step”.

If you’re at a 400 squat right now and have 500 as a goal, focus on the processes that are going to get you to 405 in the next few week or month.

  • Being consistent with your recovery modalities (mobility work, sleep, nutrition, stress management)
  • Isolating weak points in your technique and consciously working on them in each session.
  • Vision setting – write down your objectives on paper before each session to create a deliberate practice plan
  • Filming your lifts to gauge technical proficiency
  • Having a periodized training program

In theory, getting stronger is simple… It’s just a good process+time+consistency.

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