Powerlifting Articles

Repping Her Max Bench For 3
Emily benches 240 for 3 reps RAW
3 Powerlifting Programming Ideas to Break a Bench Plateau
Stuck in a bench funk? Update your powerlifting programming method with these tips.
How To Use Leg Drive in the Powerlifting Bench Press
The legs are undoubtedly the single most misunderstood technique item in the powerlifting bench press. Here’s how to use them to get the most leverage in your pressing.
6 Tips To Hit A PR Bench Press In 3 Months
1. Know your weak points. If you’re weak off the chest, it’s your pecs. If you’re weak in the mid range, it’s your shoulders. If you’re weak at lockout, it’s your triceps. 2. Alternate between emphasizing strengths and ironing out weaknesses. Spend 1-2 mesocycles playing to your strong suits and then spend the next couple playing to your weak points and bringing up lagging
Double Progression For Your Powerlifting Accessory Work
Find out the besy way to periodize your accessory work to fit your goals and powerlifting program.
Lift Selection For Light/Medium Powerlifting Sessions
Light days are important as you progress, but how easy should you make them? Which lifts should you use?
Stronger You Personal Training - Plus4Minus1
+4/-1 and +4/-2 Programming For Intermediate Powerlifters
Some easy to apply program ideas to progress you from your plateau once your beginner/has stopped working.
Better Bench Press Grip – Fix Your Hand Position
A quick, 30 second fix to get more out of your grip on the bench press, set your shoulders better, and have a stronger engagement with the bar.
Intermediate Lifter Deadlift Weak Point Solutions
The basics are important, but at a certain point, it’s time to progress beyond them and get into fine tuning.