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3 Ways To Get Over An Injury Faster and Back to Powerlifting Training
Sometimes little tweaks happen in training. When you’re gunning for big performances and pushing the envelope, it’s bound to occur. Here’s 3 things you can do if/when that happens to get back to 100% that much quicker
How Andrew Stopped Booking Physio Visits and Started Deadlifting 400lbs Pain-Free – Momentum Program
Andrew used to have to take time off every time he lifted heavy. After just 4 months, he’s pain free and stronger than ever.
The Deadlift “Wedge”: How To Do It and Which Style is Best
How to optimize the “barbell-athlete unit” for a better, stronger deadlift
5 Tools To Add 40lbs to Your Deadlift
1. Train conventional if you pull hybrid or sumo.It’s got GREAT carryover for most lifters who pull with a wider stance. Spending a hypertrophy and strenght block working on conventional strength before transitioning back into sumo tends to yield some really strong pulls. If you have mobility limitations or back issues that prevent you from consistently pulling conventional, try block
Single Leg Training In Powerlifting Programming
How much, when, and why should you do single leg training as a powerlifter?
Get The Most From Your Powerlifting Tempo Work
Avoid the common pitfalls of powerlifting tempo work with these tips.
Lift Selection For Light/Medium Powerlifting Sessions
Light days are important as you progress, but how easy should you make them? Which lifts should you use?
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+4/-1 and +4/-2 Programming For Intermediate Powerlifters
Some easy to apply program ideas to progress you from your plateau once your beginner/has stopped working.
Intermediate Lifter Deadlift Weak Point Solutions
The basics are important, but at a certain point, it’s time to progress beyond them and get into fine tuning.