Powerlifting Articles

How to Pick Attempts for Powerlifting (Free Calculator)
Learn to calculate your powerlifting attempts for competition in less than 5 minutes.
Case Study Results: Over 75lbs of Deadlift Progress for Szee-Won
As a powerlifting coach, every now and then you lose track of time, especially with lifters that you’ve been coaching for several years. I’ve been working with Szee-Won for about 6 years now (It’s 2023 at the time of writing this). From 2018 to 2022, she added ~80 lbs to her competition deadlift and at the time of writing this,
How to Program Powerlifting Accessory Work (Video Training)
3 simple considerations to use when programming accessory work for a powerlifting training program.
Experienced Powerlifters Competition Prep Like This
Here’s what I changed in my program when I missed 485 that led to me deadlifting 551 just 7 weeks later
Add 10 Pounds to Your Deadlift Using These 5 Tips
5 world-class, yet simple tips to increase your deadlift. Do you do all of these?
4 Powerlifters, 4 Personal Records
First powerlifting competitions, off-season training and other online powerlifting success stories
Do You Need to Train Lunges for Powerlifting?
Have you made this mistake with your powerlifting programming that could be leaving you open to injuries?
Avoid This Amateur Powerlifting Competition Mistake and PR Your Total
Have you made this mistake in competition? It could cost you pounds on your total.
Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain in Powerlifting
What were the tools we used with James to fix his chronic knee and back pain in order to get him back to pain-free powerlifting training?