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Matthew Taylor


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Chad Nabe


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Conor McGuigan


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I started with Matt in August of 2017, at the ripe ol’ age of almost-32. I was decidedly a non-athlete for the bulk of my life, but eventually began exercising and progressed to lifting around 2015-16. I fell in love with the empowerment that came with getting stronger and began fielding questions about powerlifting. I had never considered doing anything competitive before, so I found this absolutely intriguing.

Upon meeting Matt’s fellow coach Chad and taking his recommendation, I contacted Matt. We decided that I might be able to do something with this, and off we went! My first competition was February 2018 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In my opinion, Matt’s biggest strength as a coach lies in his innate ability to “know the athlete.” He seemingly never forgets anything that has ever happened throughout my few years of lifting with him. Whether it’s appeasing my vanity, or knowing when to tell me it’s time to forget about it, he seems to always have the right answer. Throughout injuries and my own neuroticism, he’s time and again navigated perfectly and found the path of least resistance to get me moving again.

My ultimate goal is to hopefully compete at the National level as a Masters. Matt’s gotten me the first step of the way, coaching me into a QT for Provincials. I would never leave him as an athlete, regardless of where I am. I’m more than convinced he’s the only one I want getting me to Nationals.

Szee-Won Lee

57/63kg Women's Open Powerlifter, 2019 BCPA Fall Classic Champion

I reached out to Matt after injuring my back, having trained for powerlifting on my own for several years prior.  I was just looking to rehab and get to a place where I could safely compete again, but within 2 months he had completely changed the way I was moving inside and outside of the gym, and for the first time in years I wasn’t dealing with constant back pain.  

Working with Matt leading up to my most recent powerlifting meet took away so much of the stress of competing, and I was able to PR my total by 7.5kg after a long plateau.  His attention to detail has helped me improve my brace and overall technique, and has made me much more comfortable with my heavier lifts.

I highly recommend Matt for powerlifters, injured or not.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, and constantly uses my feedback to make my program more effective and enjoyable.  Can’t wait to see what we can do for my next meet!

Emily WIggins

72kg Junior Regional Powerlifting Champion

I met Matthew at one of my first powerlifting competitions. I had no coach at the time, and was feeling a little overwhelmed by the numbers my rivals had on me.

On top of all that, I also had been going through a low back injury that left me unable to squat or deadlift. Feeling defeated, Matt offered to help guide me in this sport and I have never looked back.

Each session was another lesson in improving how I move and how I could push myself. It took time and a lot of effort on both our parts, but slowly I healed. After that, each year I made better and better progress at putting higher numbers on the platform, improving my overall total by 100kg.

When the times got tough because of mistakes or injuries, he knew exactly what to do to work within my constraints. Matt is always learning how to make his coaching even better and it inspires me to be better as well.

Chad Nabe

83kg Men's Open Powerlifter

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