How to Find a Beginner Powerlifting Meet to Compete In

How to find a local powerlifting meet as a first-time competitor

If you live in a major city like Vancouver, BC, it can be pretty easy to find local powerlifting competitions since the powerlifting scene is pretty vibrant here. 

But what if you live somewhere more rural or simply lift at home in your garage gym? 

Today’s post is aimed to show you a few places to find local powerlifting meets for first-timers.


The type of meet you’re looking for is typically called a “rookie”, “open” or “classic” meet – these terms generally are used to describe a meet that does not possess a qualifying total. 

When it’s time to search for a meet to sign up for, there’s a few places I like to look: 

1. Google

Using search terms like the following are REALLY useful:

  • “powerlifting meets near me”
  • “powerlifting meets [city name]”

2. Facebook 

Many local, smaller meets are posted on Facebook events. Just search “powerlifting [city name]“ under the events section on Facebook

3. Local Powerlifting Community

While there are likely to be a few official meets near you, there are often some smaller “unofficial” meets put on by local powerlifting gyms. These are typically not advertised for as heavily but are still GREAT fun and an excellent way to get your feet wet. Searching for powerlifting gyms in your area and talking with the owners about where/when there are some upcoming meets might take a bit more work than some google queries, but is a really cool way to meet other likeminded lifters and become part of the powerlifting community

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