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Vancouver based personal trainer and powerlifting coach, Matthew Taylor, has authored two eBooks related to Powerlifting; "The Definitive Powerlifting Accessory Manual" and "Rebuild Your Deadlift" which are both available for purchase and download. 

The Definitive Powerlifting Accessory Manual

Learn how to properly personalize your support training in order to increase your lifting totals, improve your muscularity, and mitigate injuries with the  Stronger You  — Definitive Powerlifting Accessory Manual, by Coach Matt Taylor.

Rebuild Your Deadlift

Build, or rebuild your deadlift from the ground up. Starting with basic movement patterns and taking you all the way to your competition deadlift, the Stronger You — Rebuild Your Deadlift eBook, by Matthew Taylor, will give you the appropriate tools, and necessary confidence to master the fundamentals of your deadlift.


Bench Press Troubleshooter

Learn how to identify and troubleshoot the 3 main weak points in the bench press + get access to three BONUS 9-week bench programs to increase your 1 rep max. 


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