Powerlifting Articles

Powerlifting Lessons From John Broz
Is the idea that “how you feel is a lie” valid for powerlifting training?
Fixing Low Back Pain in Powerlifting – Joel’s Momentum Program Case Study
How Joel went from hurting his back every time he deadlifted to pulling PRs in his lifts on the Momentum Program (Online Powerlifting Coaching)
Write a Powerlifting Program (in 5 Steps)
The simplest way to write your own customized powerlifting training program.
Do You Have a Bad Powerlifting Coach?
How should you approach training plateaus as an athlete? Is your coach pulling their weight?
3 Ways to Break a Powerlifting Plateau
3 simple steps to hit a new PR in your powerlifting training.
How Experienced of a Powerlifting Coach Do You Need?
How much does experience REALLY matter when hiring an online powerlifting coach?
How to Pick Attempts for Powerlifting (Free Calculator)
Learn to calculate your powerlifting attempts for competition in less than 5 minutes.
Alternating Periodization for Powerlifting – How to use it in 5 minutes
If something works in your training, it’s easy to cling to it and “squeeze it for all it’s worth”, right? What happens when that formula you’ve cooked up stops working? In my experience, most lifters will run specific progression models/programs for much longer than they should – clinging to the results that the modality used to deliver while ignoring the
How to Build a Powerlifting Training Program
9 years of powerlifting coaching philosophy distilled down to a few words.