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The Silliest Reason To Hire A Powerlifting Coach
THE SILLIEST CRITERIA I’VE SEEN FOR HIRING A POWERLIFTING COACH Powerlifting is a sport of performance. How much weight can you lift at a given bodyweight, age and gender. That’s it. There are no points for how ripped you are (though, I do have a pretty funny story on some guy that was “6% bodyfat” at his first competition that
Asking for Powerlifting Help On The Internet Is Dumb
Opinion: Asking For Help On The Internet Is a Bad Idea. Especially when you already pay an expert for their consulting. . Let me elaborate here. . I’m part of quite a few Facebook lifting groups and it’s common practice to post up some videos asking how to solve X problem. This is not what I take issue with. What
3 Mental Tools for Powerlifting Training
Mindset is one of the keys to unlocking your powerlifting potential and pushing through. Find out how.
3 (More) Mistakes Lifters Make When Trying to PR Their Lifts
3 (MORE) MISTAKES LIFTERS MAKE WHEN TRYING TO HIT PRS 1. OVER-EMPHASIZING SPECIFICITY. Over Emphasizing Specificity Specificity is the #1 most important principle in powerlifting training, but often to get stronger, we must come at things from slightly oblique angles in order to progress as we get stronger. Just pushing a 1rm will get you stronger as a beginner for
Coming back from injury
Getting Back Under The Bar After Injury
As much as some people will deny it, injury happens in powerlifting. Of course, some of these injuries are little aches that take a few days to clear, while others take months of proper rehab.
Not Tanking Your Program With A Long Term Outlook
How to balance long term thinking with short and medium-term priorities, all while staying in one piece and making progress.
I Haven’t Gotten Injured [Yet]
Does taking a more conservative approach to training yield bigger benefits in the long term?
A Targeted Approach to Threshold Training: Understanding Intention
How to identify and train for different types of training thresholds as well as understanding the why behind your training.
Life with a Busy Schedule: Getting to Your Fitness Goals
How to manage your workouts when life seems like it constantly gets in the way.