Learn how to identify your weak range of motion in the bench press, which exercises will build up your weak points and what program to follow in order to improve your 1-Rep Max with the Bench Press Troubleshooter.

PR Your Bench Press in 2 Months

A simple approach that tailors your program to your needs in order to maximize strength gain.

It's no secret that various powerlifters should train differently based on their leverages, strengths and weaknesses. How you structure your bench program should be no different.

Weak Points

Break the Bench Press down into the 3 main areas of weakness and identify where yours is. Exercise prescription for each weak point. 


Three, 9-week programs designed to address YOUR weak points in the bench and help you to hit a new PR in 2 months or less. 

Enter your 1RM and the program will generate working weights. 

Demo Videos

Learn proper technique on both main lifts and assistance movements from World Champion Powerlifter + Coach Matt Taylor with HD demo videos for every exercise included in the programs.

Chapters Included
  • Introduction
    Technical considerations for the bench press 
  • Weak Point #1: Bottom 
    Musculature involved in the weak range of motion, technique suggestions and assistance exercise suggestions for increasing strength. 
  • Weak Point #2: Mid-Range
    What muscles drive the middle of the bench, how to improve technique and exercise prescription to develop this part of the ROM. 
  • Weak Point #3: Lockout
    Muscular analysis of the top of the ROM, technique considerations and assistance exercise suggestions to improving strength in the top ROM. 
  • Appendix + Programs
    Live coaching videos, technique guides for the bench press, tutorials and sample program templates to maximize your bench press progress. 
  • Bonus Offers
    Three additional offers for lifters who purchase the Bench Press troubleshooter.
What Other Coaches and Powerlifters Think of the Bench Press Troubleshooter

"Straightforward and to the point.

An incredibly handy tool that any powerlifter doing their own programming - or looking to do their own programming - will benefit from."

Steve Pritula, Powerlifter

“This is a great guide for a technical lift, like the bench press. Describing not only the most common weak points, but also addressing the solutions will add value for many powerlifters.

I especially like that it addresses all the major weak points, because it's most likely that if you're doing it right, your weak point will change over time. Matthew harnesses his years of experience as a coach to provide easy to follow advice.

I also appreciate that the guide doesn't make use of specialty equipment that might not be available at every gym. Highly recommend... why spend your time trying new things with no direction, when you can follow advice from an experienced coach.

Winter Dubbin, Powerlifter+Coach

About The Author


Matt has been coaching powerlifters since 2014, with a special interest in blending the worlds of bodybuilding, powerlifting and injury prevention after seeing many preventable injuries occur that hold lifters back from reaching their true potential.

​He has coached hundreds of lifters, some to podium finishes at the provincial/state, national and international level as well as national records in the CPU+Powerlifting America.

Matt has also competed in powerlifting since 2010 in Canada (CPF, 100% Raw)as well as at the world level (AAU) taking first place as a Men's Sub Junior 83kg in 2014 at the AAU World Powerlifting Championship.

He has held a national squat record in the Canadian Powerlifting Federation. At the time of this publication, Matt has squatted 217 kg/480 lbs, benched 156 kg/343 lbs, and deadlifted 250 kg/551 lbs as an 83 kg/183 lb lifter.