Powerlifting Articles

Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain in Powerlifting
What were the tools we used with James to fix his chronic knee and back pain in order to get him back to pain-free powerlifting training?
When Was the Last Time You Hit a 40+ lb Bench Press PR?
Is this the simplest way to add 40+ lbs to your squat, bench and deadlift in 4 months?
Rehabbing an ACL Injury For Powerlifting: Emma Regained Strength and Mobility in 4 Months
In just 4 months, Emma rehabbed her knee and got back to powerlifting training while also improving her mobility and imbalances.
Zack Added 40kg (88lbs) to His Powerlifting Total in 4 Months With The Momentum Program
Zack added a TON of weight to his total and improved his technique too. Here’s how we did it.
Adding 99 lbs to Your Powerlifting Total in 3 Months – Marina Maxwell Athlete Profile
Marina added 45kg to her total and set new state records in just 3 months!
Repping Her Max Bench For 3
Emily benches 240 for 3 reps RAW
How Andrew Stopped Booking Physio Visits and Started Deadlifting 400lbs Pain-Free – Momentum Program
Andrew used to have to take time off every time he lifted heavy. After just 4 months, he’s pain free and stronger than ever.
From TikTok Workouts to Powerlifting Gold: Marina Maxwell Athlete Profile
Before starting the Momentum Program, Marina was doing TikTok workouts and didn’t have much structure to her training at all. Now she is a Medalist in Powerlifting.
March Client of the Month: Jaye Kerzner
Jaye is our star of the month. She puts in an exceptional amount of work and reaps what she sows.