The Best Bench Press Grip, 2 Foot Rooting Cues, and More – Live Powerlifting Q+A

What is the best bench press grip? How Should You Root Your Feet In A Squat? All this and more!

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@0:35 Managing a stressful schedule with powerlifting

@6:30 addressing SI joint issues in training, leg strength imbalances (comment HIP SHIFT for a free guide on fixing hip shift in the squat)

@14:20 maintaining PRs in the big 3 while working on improvement in other pursuits

@19:54 Foot rooting cues to stay over mid foot in squat (comment MID FOOT for a free training to find your balance in the squat)

@ 24:25 The best bench press grip

@26:45 How often to test your 1 rep max

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