Breaking a Canadian Powerlifting Squat Record

What you can learn from that time I set a Canadian National Powerlifting record in the squat.

Have you ever set a record in powerlifting?

10 years ago, I broke a national squat record.

I’ve done a whole lot of competitions both as a competitor and a coach since then, but on September 6th, 2013 I broke by my first national record in the squat.

2013 CPF Nationals was my third competition ever and I’d been lifting for almost 5 full years at that point.

Competing in the Men’s 75kg (165lb) class as a teen 16-17 YO lifter, I squatted 167.5kg (369 lbs).

Looking back on the video, it’s quite comical how different my squat technique is now compared to then. I’ve added about 30 lbs of muscle to my frame since then and comfortably hang out around 170-180 lbs these days.

What was really interesting about that competition in particular was that it acted as something of a turning point for my lifting career.

  • it was the last meet I’d deadlift less than I my squat (I’ve added almost 200 lbs to my competition deadlift since then)
  • It was the last meet I’d try new things on comp day  – I’d never used ammonia before and someone suggested I modify my deadlift technique in the warmup area
  • every meet after this one I’d competed in higher weight classes – I was too tall to be competing at such a light weight
  • I finally figured out a formula to prep for a meet without getting injured

With all the lessons learned from this meet, my total really started to increase.

Couple that with sorting out some of the mental aspects that were holding me back in my training (eating disorder history) and things really started to improve.

A year later, I moved out to the west coast of Canada and started a full time career as an in-person and online powerlifting coach in Vancouver, BC.

Since then, I’ve helped literally THOUSANDS of lifters get stronger, overcome injuries and become stronger than they ever have.

For some, that meant rehabbing old, nagging injuries and being able to train consistently heavy again.

For others, that meant getting doing their first powerlifting competition ever (and getting over a lot of the anxiety of the unknown).

And for others, that meant breaking through a long-standing plateau and finally hitting that milestone PR on their lifts that they had been eyeing up for literally YEARS.

One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching powerlifting is that you get what you give and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some VERY hard working lifters who are willing to trust in the process. Their approach to coaching is less about just “getting a program”, and more about collaborating with me (or one of the other GREAT powerlifting coaches that are on the StrongerYou team) in order to dial in their life both inside and outside of the gym to make a sustainable process that lets them play the “long game” in powerlifting instead of falling into the trap of making short term progress at the expense of longevity.

Today’s email is intended both as a re-introduction for those of you who aren’t familiar with me or my work as well as a thank you to all the hard-working lifters that my team and I work/will work with.

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