Bad Powerlifting Coaches Look Like This?

The 4 traits to look for to avoid getting a bad powerlifting coach.

If you’re a powerlifter and who you hire as a coach is based largely on how aesthetic they look, then I’ve got some bad news for you.

Far too many lifters are preoccupied with how a powerlifting coach LOOKS and not how they perform, much less how the athletes they coach perform.

If you were a bodybuilder, you wouldn’t hire someone based solely on how strong they were, right?

You’d probably look at the factors that allow a bodybuilder to succeed on stage as well as how their clients they coach do on the stage.

So how is it that so many powerlifters seem to equate aesthetics with proficiency as a powerlifting coach?

Hiring a powerlifting coach should boil down to 4 things:

  1. Has the coach personally been where you want to go?
  2. What kind of success have their lifters seen?
  3. Are they innovating or just following someone else’s program?
  4. Do their lifters continue to see success long term or do they just make good progress for a few months before plateauing again?

If you can get some quality answers to those questions, then you’re probably looking at a coach that is a qualified fit for your needs.

By the way – that dude in the track suit is Boris Sheiko… one of the greatest powerlifting coaches of all time. You might have heard of him.

Of course, there are a variety of factors that pertain to HOW the coaching is delivered but if you don’t have a good coach in the first place, the delivery itself doesn’t matter.

I’ve been an in-person powerlifting coach in Vancouver, BC since 2014 and have also been an online powerlifting coach since then as well. Both delivery methods have their pros and cons. You can see my thoughts on the two mediums below

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