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3 (More) Mistakes Lifters Make When Trying to PR Their Lifts
3 (MORE) MISTAKES LIFTERS MAKE WHEN TRYING TO HIT PRS 1. OVER-EMPHASIZING SPECIFICITY. Over Emphasizing Specificity Specificity is the #1 most important principle in powerlifting training, but often to get stronger, we must come at things from slightly oblique angles in order to progress as we get stronger. Just pushing a 1rm will get you stronger as a beginner for
5 Tools To Add 40lbs to Your Deadlift
1. Train conventional if you pull hybrid or sumo.It’s got GREAT carryover for most lifters who pull with a wider stance. Spending a hypertrophy and strenght block working on conventional strength before transitioning back into sumo tends to yield some really strong pulls. If you have mobility limitations or back issues that prevent you from consistently pulling conventional, try block
6 Tips To Hit A PR Bench Press In 3 Months
1. Know your weak points. If you’re weak off the chest, it’s your pecs. If you’re weak in the mid range, it’s your shoulders. If you’re weak at lockout, it’s your triceps. 2. Alternate between emphasizing strengths and ironing out weaknesses. Spend 1-2 mesocycles playing to your strong suits and then spend the next couple playing to your weak points and bringing up lagging
Protected: The StrongerYou Intermediate Strength and Hypertrophy Programs
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Session in Reverse
Doing Powerlifting Workouts In Reverse
Conventional wisdom says to put the heaviest work first in your program… But is that always the best way?
Banded Squats: Who? When? Why?
Do Banded Squats have a place in a raw powerlifting program?
Single Leg Training In Powerlifting Programming
How much, when, and why should you do single leg training as a powerlifter?
SYPT Online Client Progress: Chad Nabe 405×5 Squat
Chad takes 98% of his old max and squats it for a set of 5
Double Progression For Powerlifting Accessory Work (Part 2)
How much volume should your accessory exercises take up in a strength block vs a peak? This and other accessory programming questions answered in this short video.