Powerlifting Articles

Are You Too Upright In Your Sumo Deadlift?
One of the most common mistakes in sumo deadlifts is one of the simplest to fix.
SYPT Online Client Progress: Emily 330×1 Squat
Emily adds 10lbs to per squat max for a coveted 150kg/330lb squat.
Lift Selection For Light/Medium Powerlifting Sessions
Light days are important as you progress, but how easy should you make them? Which lifts should you use?
Should You Push Intensity Less Often?
More days of high intensity training means more PRs.. .right? Not always.
All Gas, Some Brakes
Smashing PRs is all well and good, but when should you add a little yin to your yang? Sometimes the best way to progress in your training is to take a step back and work on building your weakest links. 
How And When To Program A Deload
Most beginner programs don’t factor in a deload or fatigue management as they simply aren’t required. As an early intermediate lifter, you are getting strong enough to warrant a deload, but where do you start?
The Best Way To Track Your PRs
You need data to make good training decisions. Track that data better using these quick tips.
Start Where you FInish - Stronger You PT
“Start Where You Finish” Programming For Powerlifting
Writing a training block in reverse is one of the most powerful tools you can have when programming for yourself. It forces you to consider all of the necessary components of an effective strength training program in order to get optimal results.
Stronger You Personal Training - Plus4Minus1
+4/-1 and +4/-2 Programming For Intermediate Powerlifters
Some easy to apply program ideas to progress you from your plateau once your beginner/has stopped working.