Powerlifting Articles

Bench Press Imbalances
Bench Press Imbalances – Live Coaching Session
The 4th installment in the coaching video series takes us through some often missed points in assessing form in the bench press with Xandi. 
Hip and Foot Deadlift Position
Hip and Foot Position in the Conventional Deadlift – Live Coaching Session
We walk Kenneth through finding his ideal deadlift form to be as efficient as possible.
Serratus for a bigger bench
Serratus For A Bigger Bench [Bench Press Coaching]
A full coaching session where we go through what is causing and how to fix recurring rotator cuff issues in bench press due to asymmetry.
Squat Coaching - Scott Robertson
Squat Coaching With Masters Powerlifter Scott Robertson
A live coaching session where we go over some drills and cues to improve Scott Robertson’s squat and improve upon the erector tightness he gets with his max squat attempts.
Deadlift Cues
2 Crappy Deadlift Cues (And How To Fix Them)
There are no bad cues, just the wrong cues for an individual. This week’s video picks apart 2 extremely common deadlift cues, how to misuse them, and most importantly how to properly implement them.
Better Understanding Bench Press Cues
There are way too many cues that get misused and misunderstood in the bench press. This week’s video goes over some simple ways to get more out the cues you’re already using in the bench press by refining them and removing compensations. 
Squat - Center of Mass
Fine Tuning Center Of Mass In The Squat
This week’s video shows you how to individualize your squat technique based on your body proportions, strengths, and leverages by understanding proper body positioning in the squat using this simple loaded drill that doubles as an effective warmup for a heavy squat workout.
What Makes For An Effective Warmup?
Is there a best way to warmup? We outline how to individualize your prep routine based on your body by following the foundational principles of athlete preparation.
Core Training In Powerlifting
Oblique Bracing Techniques For Powerlifting
Often dubbed the “missing link” in your bracing technique, the obliques get missed a lot, but serve a huge purpose in high performance training. How to we train them effectively and get proper engagement in the first place?