How to Add 100+ Lbs to Your Powerlifting Squat

This is how we added 104 lbs to JR’s squat in 7 months.

This is how we added over 100 lbs to JRs squat in 7 months (315 to 419 pounds)

When JR first came to see me in September of 2022, we started out training the same way I do with every lifter I work with: a thorough assessment to identify where his weak points were and what needed to be done to correct them.

One of the biggest that JR was facing in his squat was an inability to load his hips correctly.

This lead him to:

  • have a noticeable asymmetry in his form
  • get pushed forwards and over stress the knees in heavier work
  • be held back in how much weight he could move in his squats
  • deal with knee pain when he went over ~300 lbs

We tackled this problem in his lifts with a variety of tools, one of which being the squat to box. It’s a simple movement on the surface, but when performed correctly, allows you to find your center of balance as well as learn how to load the hips in a deeper squat without just adding excessive forward lean. These were a key part of our approach as we built up to squatting 350 for a ton of reps and eventually building to his most recent competition max of 419 lbs (which was pain free).

If you’ve struggled with knee tightness in your squats, have you tried this tool in your training yet?

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