Case Study Results: JR Hits a 240lb Powerlifting PR

After just 7 months, JR hit a 240lb PR at his first Competition and got rid of his shoulder pain.

JR started working with me 7 months ago in September 2022 with a few knee issues, some serious asymmetries and generally feeling like he was “missing” something in his training.

Fast forward 7 months later and he recently competed in his first meet.

In the ~30 weeks we’ve been training, JR has taken his:

  • Squat from 315 to 419lbs
  • Bench from 175 to 235 lbs
  • Deadlift from 365 to 441 lbs
  • Total from  855 to 1095
  • Shoulder pain to nearly 0

AND moves a lot more efficiently with less hip shift, aches and pains.

No real shortcut or ez pill with any of the work we did. Just a lot of really hard work and open communication.

I’m stoked to see where we can take things later this year at his second competition now that we have a really strong base to work from!

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