Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain in Powerlifting

What were the tools we used with James to fix his chronic knee and back pain in order to get him back to pain-free powerlifting training?

Here’s a short video with my client James – a powerlifter and martial artist.

In it, we detail how he overcame chronic knee and back pain and got back to lifting heavy in the squat and deadlift after just 16 weeks on the Momentum Program.

James had initially come to me after he mentioned he was stuck in a cycle of starting to lift again and then getting stuck with stubborn knee and back pain whenever the weights would get heavy at which point he would have to take some time off to heal then would resume getting back into lifting.

After we had done our initial assessment, it was clear that James was lacking some single leg stability and also had a few lagging muscle groups that we could bring up to help strengthen his technique with the barbell lifts.

We got to work and started up with an introductory phase where we focused primarily on building tibial internal rotation, hamstring strength and developing his hip hinge.

After the initial phase, we started to integrate into bigger barbell movements and added in isometric work to help make the connective tissue and ligaments in his knees more resilient.

Fast forward to the end of the 16 week Momentum Program and James was back to lifting weights heavier than he’d lifted in a long time pain-free and was on an upward trajectory to keep training with higher weights for powerlifting as well as martial arts.


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