Zack Added 40kg (88lbs) to His Powerlifting Total in 4 Months With The Momentum Program

Zack added a TON of weight to his total and improved his technique too. Here’s how we did it.
  • Zack worked with Josh over the last 16 weeks on the Momentum Program and took his:
    • Squat from 480 to 515
    • Bench from 355 to 360
    • Deadlift from  500 to 535

Starting out on the Momentum Program, Zack was dealing with a couple tweaks in his training, notably both his ankles that he wanted to be proactive about not having them develop into a major problem on his lower body work.

He and Josh started out with laying a clean foundation to improve technique on the Big 3 and fine tune the muscles so he could optimize function and really keep technique clean with heavy work before progressing into a more strength focused phase where he hit a TON of PRs.

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