Rehabbing an ACL Injury For Powerlifting: Emma Regained Strength and Mobility in 4 Months

In just 4 months, Emma rehabbed her knee and got back to powerlifting training while also improving her mobility and imbalances.

Emma originally came to StrongerYou because of her past ACL injury. She had been cleared to lift by her physio but was finding that her residual stiffness and imbalances from her past rugby injury were holding her back and preventing her from getting into powerlifting training.

Not only that, but it was nerve-racking getting back to lifting with the worries that re-injury was a possibility

We started out with an objective assessment of what was going on not just at her knee, but also her ankles, hips and core in order to identify all the weak links and build things up holistically.

Fast forward 4 months later and Emma has:

  • regained a TON of strength in her leg
  • no longer has a “small leg”
  • is able to get near full range of motion in her knees
  • has the tools she needs to keep her left hip from stiffening up
  • learned a lot about fine tuning technique on the lifts
  • is in a great position to get into some even heavier lifting again as she preps for her first powerlifting meet in 2023

Here’s how we did it:

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