Why 5-Day Powerlifting Programs are Better than Full Body Ones

What is the best way to powerlift when you have an unpredictable schedule?

Most of us aren’t professional powerlifters. We work normal jobs, have other responsibilities outside of the gym and sometimes those even get in the way of getting everything done the way we had planned.

One thing I’ve found critical to every one of the success of the lifters I’ve worked with is their ability to fit their training AROUND and INTO their own schedules.

That often means building enough flexibility into a program to make it work even if a training session gets shifted forwards or backwards a day.

Is this ideal for optimizing progress?

Of course it’s not. Managing recovery as you become a more advanced lifter is an increasingly precise process.

BUT you know what works even worse than having a less than perfect session with submax intensities?

Not getting the session in at all.

At least being flexible enough with your approach around training days will allow you to get enough volume in and missing peak intensity by a few % once in a while is really just a drop in the pond.

So, how can you build enough flexibility in a program?

In the last ~9 years of coaching powerlifting in Vancouver and online, the top 2 tools I’d recommend would be:

  • using autoregulation for your top sets
  • using a higher frequency program with less lifts per session.

Now, initially that second recommendation might seem a bit counter intuitive but in my coaching experience, I’ve found that combining sessions together is a much simpler task than splitting a full body session up as you are “adding in a rest day” rather than taking a full body session and spreading across a couple of days.

How do you build flexibility into your training program to work with your hectic schedule?

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