Improving Confidence In The Powerlifts

Another Momentum Program Success Story

The confidence that I have in each movement now is phenomenal!

– Matt Guld

Here’s a short interview I did with my client Matt Guld where we detail his experience in the Momentum Program.

Matt had originally come to me several months ago outlining how we built him up to a level of confidence and strength that had previously taken him years in a matter of 16 weeks.

He’d had some negative experiences in the past with coaching where he’d received just templated programs instead of true custom coaching and of course we used a custom approach to hit new PRs and mitigate future injuries.

With Matt being based in Australia and myself in Vancouver, BC, the remote coaching model for Momentum was a shoe-in.

Starting out, we noted some very significant inconsistencies in his squat which boiled down to bracing issues and hip stability. We worked diligently on developing his hip hinge and breathing/bracing patterns to really dial things in and after a couple weeks his squats looked incredibly consistent even with heavier loads.

The other thing that stood out after our initial assessment were the mobility limitations Matt was facing. Having always been a stiffer guy, this was no easy task and stretching had not worked as well as he’d been hoping it would previously.

We integrated some focused mobility and movement drills in to his warmups in order to build a strong “movement baseline” to work from and needless to say: hitting depth on squats and overall movement quality improved quite a bit.

Add to that his old maxes were moving very easily for reps by the end of Momentum and I’d say all in all this was a pretty successful run for Matt!


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