Improve Powerlifting Technique With This 1 Tool

The simplest way to fix technique flaws when following a powerlifting program.

Can you self-coach powerlifting technique improvement?

I’d argue yes.

One of the biggest advantages to online coaching is the amount of detail that we can go in to with technique refinement.

In fact, some of the lifters that I coach in-person in Vancouver, BC and online for powerlifting had never paid much attention to their technique on video before.

This “untapped tool” can be an amazing way to develop your technique because it offers an objective report card of what’s working well and what’s missing with your technique.

You can even use it as a way to gauge how accurate you are being with your assessment of RPE/RiR/Bar speed. I know I’ve certainly had some days where it feels like an @9, but on video looks like @7. Sure enough, when I load up a few more lbs on the bar, it still goes up.

Without video keeping me objective, I would gone way too light on a lot of those sessions.

So, what are the best practices with filming your lifts?

  1. Film from 90 degree angles
  2. keep angles/camera height consistent
  3. Have a foundational understanding of technique
  4. Correct a maximum of 1 technique item at a time
  5. Leverage software like IronPath for bar path tracking.

Do you just film your lifts or do you use video footage as a way of getting better technique feedback so you can really dial things in?

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