Powerlifting Articles

Make Your Own Dip Bars
A blueprint and process to making your own dip bars so you can add one of the best bench accessories to your home gym on a budget
A Targeted Approach to Threshold Training: Understanding Intention
How to identify and train for different types of training thresholds as well as understanding the why behind your training.
Threshold Training for Powerlifting: a Targeted Approach
One of the most important considerations to your training is understanding which thresholds you’re aiming to improve upon. With this, you can identify weaknesses and train with specificity even better.
A Guide to Applying DNS/PRI Principles to Powerlifting (Part 3: Deadlift)
How should you apply postural training principles to the powerlifting deadlift?
A Guide to Applying DNS/PRI Principles to Powerlifting (Part 2: Bench Press)
Is there room in a powerlifting bench press program for postural and respiratory work?
A Guide to Applying DNS/PRI Principles in Powerlifting (Part 1: Squat)
An overview of how basic Postural Restoration Insitute and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization principles can be used to improve your performance under the bar. On their own, they can look like a lot of rolling around on the ground, blowing up balloons, and ultimately not really lifting weights or doing anything close to powerlifting, but with some application, they actually make for some pretty darn good powerlifting training modalities when it comes to improving movement quality and performance.
The Foolproof Diet
A starting template to establish your baseline for eating when you are looking to gain or lose weight.