Which of these 2 Powerlifters Are You?

There’s 2 types of powerlifters out there and 1 is way more error-prone than the other.

The way I see it, there’s 2 main types of powerlifters you’re going to see:

Our first lifter is one who is distracted by the “shiny” new exercises, some new program that promises big gains fast, etc.

These lifters tend to make great beginner gains (like the rest of us) but then wallow around in the “begintermediate” phase seemingly forever.

They don’t ever seem to establish a good technique foundation.

They tend to over obsess about minute details in programming like which lift variation they should do this week, but never seem to consider the big picture of how the program works as a whole.

There is no long term plan.

There is no long term progress

Then we have lifter #2.

The one who is also detail oriented, focuses on technique, and has a plan.

They know it might not be the “best” plan ever, but they know that it doesn’t have to be the best one either.

The best plan and an average plan with both work over a long enough span of time, but neither will work if there’s no long term commitment.

Lifter #2 recognizes that while technique and having a good programming strategy matters, longevity and a big picture view will take them further than any “great” program will.

If you’re lifter #1, maybe it’s time for an adjustment in your training perspective.

If you’re lifter #2, take this as a pat on the back and keep grinding #trusttheprocess

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