What Makes For a Great Powerlifting Coach?

There’s a whole slew of things that make a solid coach but one that differentiates the good ones from the greats in their ability to catalyze change.


  • There’s a whole range of coaches out there and like with any profession there are good ones and bad ones.
  • In coaching, it’s not how much you know, how you convey it or even how much experience you have that is the most important thing.. it’s giving a damn.
  • If you care enough about your lifters and clients, you’ll put in the hours to finding answers to the obstacles your clients are facing, learning about your ideal client, put in the time to give them what they need
    • Find ways to communicate ideas and get better transference
    • Have systems in place to monitor progress, adjust for lack of performance
    • Customize approach to lifters.
  • Ultimately this CARING is what leads to better results. You can have the most knowledgeable experienced coach in the world but if they aren’t putting in the effort and hours to give you what you need to succeed, functionally they are the worst coach.

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