The Key Giveaway to a BAD powerlifting coach

What is the key difference between a good and a BAD powerlifting coach?

As a powerlifting coach, I can’t count how many times my ideas have been wrong when I’ve had to fix a problem that one of my athletes was having.

As coaches, when we learn new exercises, there is an association of X movement with helping to resolve Y problem.

Leaning too far forward in the squat? You should work on front squats because they teach you to squat in a more upright fashion.

That’s all well and good but…

All too often I see a ton of theory when a plan is set out but I see FAR less evaluation of the results from that plan.

Sure, front squats should help you be more upright, but what if you run them for a couple blocks, get better at front squatting and your squat is still presenting the same problems?

Logically, we could say: the front squats clearly aren’t working at resolving the issue at hand and that other tools should be used instead.

And yet…

I see so many “coaches” leaving the same stuff that *should* work in programs for way longer than it needs to be because they aren’t paying attention to the lifter and instead are paying attention to a hypothetical.

If your training process isn’t a cycle of identifying issues, testing new methods, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t, you’re not being as effective as you can be.

If you’re not OK with being wrong, you’ll always stay in a safe little bubble where nothing significant happens.

So, like I’d said earlier: I can’t even count how many times the first or second ideas I’ve had to fix a problem that one of my athletes was having DIDN’T work BUT that information is just as useful as finding what does work eventually because I can avoid going in the same circles with other lifters down the line and further hone my craft.

Which lift is the hardest for you to dial in technique on? Let me know in the comments.

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