I reached out to Matt after injuring my back, having trained for powerlifting on my own for several years prior.  I was just looking to rehab and get to a place where I could safely compete again, but within 2 months he had completely changed the way I was moving inside and outside of the gym, and for the first time in years I wasn’t dealing with constant back pain.  

Working with Matt leading up to my most recent powerlifting meet took away so much of the stress of competing, and I was able to PR my total by 7.5kg after a long plateau.  His attention to detail has helped me improve my brace and overall technique, and has made me much more comfortable with my heavier lifts.

I highly recommend Matt for powerlifters, injured or not.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, and constantly uses my feedback to make my program more effective and enjoyable.  Can’t wait to see what we can do for my next meet!

Emily WIggins

72kg Junior Regional Powerlifting Champion

I had a really great experience at StrongerYou Personal Training. My trainer, Matt, was very attentive to my goals, and assessed my diet and my current fitness level so he could tailor the sessions perfectly for me and advise me about how I could enhance my diet. He demonstrated the workouts for me and provided me with feedback on where I needed to improve so I could maximize my results. He also provided me with session recap emails so I could keep the momentum going with the progress he helped me achieve. Overall, I had a very positive experience training with Matt, and would recommend (and have) to anyone!
Owen Smith

Incredible. Matt has brought me to a level of fitness I haven’t experienced in years. Having trained with over a dozen different trainers in Vancouver, I can honestly say Matt is head and shoulders above the rest. His solid knowledge and honest encouragement is a fantastic benefit to anyone looking to reach their true potential. But the most important trait he brings to the table is his attention to detail. The perfection of movement and form he imparts reaches a level where you feel the difference. Every session builds upon the last, and I have made amazing strides thanks to his smart approach to goal-setting and continuous progress. Imagine the body you want, and the confidence that comes with it. Matt will get you there.

Since beginning training with Matt, I have achieved:

-5 lbs of fat loss

-muscle size and density increase

– better sense of flexibility

– adoption of myofascial release exercises

– greater awareness of daily calaoric intake

– improved movement and form during exercises


Alex Glua

Alexander Glua Photography

Being my first time working with a trainer, I wasn’t sure what to fully expect and was concerned if we could find the right workouts to suit my needs. From his experiences as both a personal trainer and powerlifter, Matt was able to choose the right exercises for me which have allowed me to get the most out of every workout. My original goals when I started working with Matt in late October of 2015 were to get stronger while maintaining a lean build as well as gaining 5-10lbs of lean muscle. In the last 8 months, we have added 60+ lbs to my squats, 80+lbs on deadlifts, 40+lbs on my bench press, and i have gained 5 lbs of muscle. Every workout so far has been beneficial and enjoyable.
Dan Topping

Chad is a great trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Chad has improved my form and attitude towards exercising and strength training and I can’t thank him enough!
Ben Woodbridge

Matt and Chad helped get me into shape the way no other trainer has ever done! I was strong, lean and fit. They also have awesome nutrition advice and were very accommodating when it came to my crazy work schedule. If you want to look and eel your best training with them is a must! I hope to be back in the gym with them very soon!

Sabina Srubiski

Don’t let Matt’s age fool you, he has more knowledge in mobility, strength training, and body building than any trainer I have met. If you go by Matt’s rules, the results will come. I’ve been training with Matt on and off for over a year now, and the results speak for themselves.

Before After
Body Weight 144 165
Bench 135 215
Squat 185 275
Deadlift 255 355
Jorden K.

Chad aka Chadé is not your average personal trainer. He’s one of the few trainers who practices exactly what he preaches! He’s always attending courses to gain knowledge and help as many people as possible move better and perform better! If you want a trainer who actually cares about you and puts in hard work, Chad is the man. 
Shawn Adair

CEO/Co-Founder of The Bar Strength & Conditioning, The Bar Strength and Conditioning

I saw & heard the great things Chad and Matt had done for my paddling team-mate.

I was needing some help and direction, like a re-boot, to my own training and these guys were great! I really appreciated their attention to detail and form. They paid attention and were always present…(not getting distracted by other people)..I felt their attention was on me which was good…I couldn’t get away with anything! I only had 4 weeks or so, but the things I learned I took with me, and practice. They made a difference.

Highly recommended!

Heather Taylor

BC Dragon Boat Athlete

What I find most compelling about StrongerYou Personal Training is its positive energy. Both Chad and Matt dissipate any gym nerves and encourage confidence in all aspects of training.
I felt supported and reassured throughout every step — whether that be short term (in a certain exercise), medium term (reassessing diet choices), or long term (meeting that long term vision) goals. Training with Matt and Chad has adjusted my mind set and made me feel motivated and capable — a mind set that encourages positive, sustainable, and fast change.
I would recommend StrongerYou Personal Training to anyone looking for insightful, encouraging, and supportive fitness trainers.
Ariel Sorley

Bouje Media

Working with Matt was a great experience! Not only did I get stronger but I also learned a lot about, technique, programming and stretching/mobility/corrective exercises.

He helped me achieve my goal of Front Squatting 315 lbs (previously 295lbs) and getting my OHP to 185lbs (previously 175lbs) at 175lbs bodyweight. The communication with him was always timely and clear, whether it was a question I had or just updating him when I was done for the week’s program.

He is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly effective at communicating that knowledge to his clients. Also, he is just a good dude! I highly recommend his services!

Joshua Mathieu

In the past year of training with StrongerYou my main goal is to build strength with emphasis on injury rehabilitation and general health. Apart from training with StrongerYou I play tennis several times a week at an intermediate to advanced level. Previous to training with StrongerYou I had been struggling with reaching my peak due to a shoulder injury from a car accident a year earlier. The injury and the irritations would prevent me from both lifting and tennis for weeks at a time.

After being introduced to Matt and Chad I was able to get to the same level of what took myself two years to achieve in less than four months. Since then I have been on a stable path to getting stronger and hitting new PRs. I no longer have any pain or irritation from my injury and my tennis game is now better than ever. I reacting faster to the ball and hitting noticeably harder. The results speak for itself and anyone who trains with StrongerYou will see the value immediately from their knowledge and attention to detail. Thank you for your support and everything that you have done, I’m excited to see what’s to come!

Andrew Woo

I met Matthew at one of my first powerlifting competitions. I had no coach at the time, and was feeling a little overwhelmed by the numbers my rivals had on me.

On top of all that, I also had been going through a low back injury that left me unable to squat or deadlift. Feeling defeated, Matt offered to help guide me in this sport and I have never looked back.

Each session was another lesson in improving how I move and how I could push myself. It took time and a lot of effort on both our parts, but slowly I healed. After that, each year I made better and better progress at putting higher numbers on the platform, improving my overall total by 100kg.

When the times got tough because of mistakes or injuries, he knew exactly what to do to work within my constraints. Matt is always learning how to make his coaching even better and it inspires me to be better as well.

Chad Nabe

83kg Men's Open Powerlifter

Only a few months in with working with Matt, and so far I am loving what it’s doing for my life and my lifting!

He has a keen eye and an ultra-solid knowledge base, both theoretical and practical. I am already starting to better “unwind” some of my body twist patterns, resulting in less pain and more ability to move well. The training PRs are great too. I’m really looking forward to being able to compete again and break through old plateaus.

Meghan O'Connell

Powerlifting National Bronze, 2019, Masters II 57 kg

Where to begin!

Approxinately 4 months ago, I came to Chad with a list of injuries and a hint of frustration/despondency. I wanted to get out of that negative mindset and start making a physical change to strengthen my knee and shoulders. Let’s be real, I want to be able to do physically challenging activities/sports for a very long time.

Everything from the initial assessment to the following sessions was straighforward and exciting! Chad was able to cater to my goals and reinforce the notion that above all else– mobility, posture and strength will carry you far in everything you do. I see him only once per week but I always look forward to our training sessions. The “homework” Chad gives me are easy and require little to no equipment but I can’t stress enough about doing the extra work outside of the sessions especially if I go once per week. It has made a huge improvement to the stability of my knee where I don’t even need to wear my brace anymore. From that alone, I feel very positive about what the next months will bring. I owe my relatively “quick” (as my doctors have mentioned) recovery to all of the targeted trainnig Chad puts me through and despite a few setbacks, I can now participate fully in Jiujitsu and boxing sessions. I can’t tell you enough how great it feels to roll again!

Not only is Chad super attentive, he constantly reminds me to breathe and to take things slowly. It’s all about balance and he ensures that I’m not overexerting myself (like I tend to do) too much.

If there’s anything that I think anyone should take away from all of this, it’s to be kind to yourself (there are going to be difficult days, and that’s fine) and to try. If you have the will, [Chad] will get you there. I don’t normally write reviews but I just have to give a huge shout-out for all of the progress I’ve made in a relatively short time span.

Chad, thank you for helping me get back on track and for all of your support– I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. You are simply the best! 🙂

Daisy Le

I started with Matt in August of 2017, at the ripe ol’ age of almost-32. I was decidedly a non-athlete for the bulk of my life, but eventually began exercising and progressed to lifting around 2015-16. I fell in love with the empowerment that came with getting stronger and began fielding questions about powerlifting. I had never considered doing anything competitive before, so I found this absolutely intriguing.

Upon meeting Matt’s fellow coach Chad and taking his recommendation, I contacted Matt. We decided that I might be able to do something with this, and off we went! My first competition was February 2018 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In my opinion, Matt’s biggest strength as a coach lies in his innate ability to “know the athlete.” He seemingly never forgets anything that has ever happened throughout my few years of lifting with him. Whether it’s appeasing my vanity, or knowing when to tell me it’s time to forget about it, he seems to always have the right answer. Throughout injuries and my own neuroticism, he’s time and again navigated perfectly and found the path of least resistance to get me moving again.

My ultimate goal is to hopefully compete at the National level as a Masters. Matt’s gotten me the first step of the way, coaching me into a QT for Provincials. I would never leave him as an athlete, regardless of where I am. I’m more than convinced he’s the only one I want getting me to Nationals.

Szee-Won Lee

57/63kg Women's Open Powerlifter, 2019 BCPA Fall Classic Champion

When I first began training with Stronger You, my goal was just to get stronger and compete in powerlifting. I had no experience in a public gym at all, despite having been a gymnast for 10 years, but Matt was supportive and encouraged my progress until I was confident enough to train on my own. 
I have been lifting for about 6 years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon thanks to some great coaching by Matthew Taylor.
I have had chronic low back pain my entire life, but since I started weight training it has decreased substantially; so just add that to the list of reasons I keep going (it’s fun, too!). I have come so far and although I don’t wish to compete anymore, I will always be moving weights around and getting insight on my aches and pains from my coach. 
Matt is an adaptable and creative trainer and has always come up with new exercises or warmups that help me deal with specific problems, and he is on point every time. No matter what your goals are, Stronger You Personal Training will help you get there.
Shayla Fowler

Former BCPA Powerlifter

I loved my training sessions here with Chad. He was very knowledgeable and very patient with me….and we always had a good laugh. He was so accomodating with my crazy schedule as well. I learned alot and feel great and look forward to coming back soon.

Simone Ritter

I have been training with Matt for 16 months now. When I started out with him I had been training the powerlifting lifts seriously for about half a year and was already signed up for my first meet. He took my lifts and broke them down into easy to understand cues to help me improve my technique and the difference between my form now and when I started with him is night and day. My strength has also increased. Before I started training with Matt in April 2015 my maximum lifts were: 205 lb squat, 110 lb bench, and 245 lb deadlift. At my most recent meet in August 2016 my best attempts were: 253 lb squat, 143 lb bench, and 297 lb deadlift. Not only has the weight on the bar increased, but so has my self confidence and level of comfort being under the bar.

It is a huge weight off my shoulders to have Matt on my side in helping me prepare for meets and knowing that I’m only responsible for putting in the work. His willingness and flexibility in working around issues that life presents such as work and school is greatly appreciated. He is always thinking of the future and has a plan set in place to reach that. Matt navigated me through both gaining muscle and losing weight when necessary through IIFYM, which fit into my daily lifestyle. Whenever I need him he is just a message away and he responds promptly and explains everything in easy-to-understand detail. I am looking forward to the future of my powerlifting (currently prepping for my 4th meet) and continuing to work with Matt

Meghie Smids

Mat and Chad are excellent gym trainers and also both have a lot of experience in coaching.

My wife and I signed up last year and we achieved our goals, losing weight and gaining muscles in a sustainable manner. Chad also helped us to regulate and adapt our eating habits to a healthier and more sustainable diet.

We are very pleased with Chad and Mat and we are currently training with Chad every week.

Jorge Gonzales

I was having a lot of problems with my shoulder and hips, and Matt made a world of difference for me. He his highly focused on injury prevention and healing through mobility, which is exactly what helped get me back into shape after my shoulder injury. He also helped me increase my squat weight by about 40lbs in about 3months through proper technique. I highly recommend Matt.
Ryan Thomas

Financial Security Advisor, Safe Pacific Financial Inc.

Matt’s training has been nothing but beneficial in moving towards my goals. My deadlift increased over 150 pounds in under a year working with him, and my flexibility and mobility have improved by leaps and bounds. Matt has taken me from an average gym goer to a champion athlete. Matt’s thirst for perfection in his work is the main reason I continue to work with him as my trainer.


Matt taught me key exercises and stretches that were specific to my goals to improve my sport performance (higher strength to weight ratio, explosive power, higher vertical jump, ect.). He was professional and extremely knowledgeable about weight lifting form and technique. I especially appreciated his motivational attitude. He pushed me to surpass my own expectations of myself (as a woman in a mostly male weight room, I gained confidence in my abilities and Matt encouraged me to ignore any pre-conceived notions of what types of exercises women can and/or should do). He emphasizes stretching, accommodates injuries (I had a broken little toe midway through training), and writes out progressive workout plans. A great overall experience.
Sonja Brenner

Matt Taylor has been my Personal Trainer for about 6 months. I had very little experience with weight lifting before I started training with Matt. He is thorough and make sure that you get a good foundation for each exercise so that you can maximize your performance without injuring yourself. He has a vast knowledge on how the body works, and if you have any trouble with a technique he always has a solution on how to fix that particular issue. From when I started working with Matt to where I’m right now my back squats have gone from 85×5 lbs to 195×5 lbs, my dead lift from 95×5 lbs to 205×5 lbs, and I cannot wait to see where I’ll be 6 month from now.
Fredrik Salomonsson, Vancouver

Software Engineer, Digital Domain

I’ve been working with Chad for a couple of months now and I can’t say enough good things about him. Chad’s positive attitude is contagious and really helps to keep you on track and motivated. He knows a lot and is more than happy to share it all with you. Never judgmental and always in it with you 100 percent. Chad has really helped kick start my fitness journey and work towards my goals. He always pushes you to the right amount, helps you find that extra 10% you didn’t know you had. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chad to anyone.
Dylan Buckley

I don’t remember the exact day I called Matt, but I remember finally coming to the realization that what I was doing wasn’t good enough.
I had played sports all my life, I worked out – sometimes regularly – but I could never get my fitness to the level I wanted to. I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be and didn’t look the way I wanted to.
When I started with SYPT, Matt and his team added their consistency, positivity, and strong technical knowledge to my training. Most importantly though, behind all of those attributes is a core system that works.
I know because implementing that system has allowed me to do things like double my deadlift, drastically improve my flexibility, and feel great about my fitness.
If you’re ready to get to the next level, get in touch with the SYPT team. All you have to do is be ready to work – they’ll take care of everything else.
Andrew Wallace

Strength Enthusiast

I’ve been working with Matt for 7 months now, with a goal of general strength and mobility improvements. Although I have no specific targets for strength of weight loss, I figure that a proactive approach to keeping fit will serve me better in the long run. And it’s nice to rediscover that being fit inspires me to stay fit. My initial skepticism of personal training was quickly dispelled by Matt’s calm approach, maintaining a steady routine and focusing on form to keep me making progress. And while I’d far rather be outside hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing, I’m surprised by how much I look forward to that hour in the gym each week, with its tangible feel-good factors of worked muscled and the sense of improvement over the previous session. It’s given me greater all-round strength, increased mobility, and improved balance, all of which help me to keep doing what I enjoy most- spending time in the backcountry.

Andy Gibb

I’m so happy. I feel stronger than ever, and I’m even starting to look  the part now too, with my body transforming in a better version of me with every workout.

I just wish I’d signed up with [Matt] earlier!

Piyush Khengar


Matt is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. He’s also very hungry to learn more all the time and teach you what he’s learned eagerly. He’s very enthusiastic and makes the initial hesitation of working out dissapear very soon after starting with him.
Frankie Stellato

Digital Domain

I came to Matt at StrongerYou to focus on muscle groups that have been really weak and troubling to me as a dancer and dance instructor. 

In a matter of weeks,  I saw an improvement and I’ve had less injuries since.   Matt designed a workout program just for me and I really appreciate that he makes sure I have proper technique before I can move on to a harder progressions.

Even during this COVID pandemic he is able to help me adapt my workout from the gym to my home.  Matt and his team are very knowledgable guides and excellent motivators. 

Laura Ross

Dance Instructor

My experience here was lovely. Matt was very knowledgable, accommodating and great to work with!

Jennnifer Nguyen

On April 7, 2014 I met Matt for the first time. As I was totally ready to start working out, I followed every instruction Matt gave – usually through his demonstration first – with explanations as to where I should be feeling the workout. Since I began with him, I have lost well over 50lbs and am still gaining strength and losing fat!

I love each session with Matt, feeling like I am getting somewhere, on a fascinating journey that my body has never taken before. It was, and is, life-changing. How I use this change is up to me. I have a strong desire to compete in the Summer Olympics at some point, right now I am working on a stronger me.

Having a talented, detail oriented, smart, professional, personal trainer like Matt is great. Working out with a personal trainer, any personal trainer is not a one-way street.

Two-way communication is key because it is my body and I have to tell exactly where a particular movement may or may not affect me, and he always always comes through with a solution that takes my workout to that higher level where I finish feeling absolutely fantastic. I have never ever felt pain before, during, or after working out with Matt. He is one of the smartest people I know because not only does he tell me how to perform a movement but he observes how I execute and if there is a flaw in my performance of the movement, Matt is on it right away and he will stop me and demonstrate once again exactly how I should do it correctly so that I keep myself safe and get the best results.

This is why I workout with my personal trainer – I feel like $1 million!

Elizabeth Mortensen, 69

Wow! I came here with the goal of building strength in my hamstrings and glutes and correcting hunched shoulders from cycling.

My trainer Chad has helped me train the right muscles to do their right jobs and what a difference it is making! Chad is very professional and knowledgable. He takes the time to explain, demonstrate and adapt the training to my needs. I feel terrific and the best part is what I am learning is sustainable. I would recommend StrongerYou Personal Training to anyone who believes that you can feel just a bit stronger and happier and want professional and result oriented trainers.

Janet Fletcher

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