October Client of the Month: Kristine Adams

Just over a year of coaching with StrongerYou and Kristine has put up a PR total in every competition we’ve prepped for so far.

Our client of the month for October is Kristine. She began with us while prepping for her first competition over a year ago and has PR’d in her total and each lift in pretty much each competition since then, including a medal finish in almost all of her competitions thus far. It’s such a pleasure to be able to take athletes in right from the start of their competitive career and help them realize their full physical potential.

I started with Matt about 15 months ago. I was looking to do my first powerlifting meet. I met him through my friend Meghie so I decided to go with him. My initial total after my first meet was 695 (275/135/285) and now I have an 855 total (319/165/369). I liked that he told me straight up what to do and what not to do. For example, avoiding going for 1RM’s at the gym because they do not matter, therefore, I never max out at the gym which is why I’ve been injury free and I’ve been progressing well. I sometimes don’t like how serious it is but a coach is not there to be your friend or hold your hand. I am currently prepping for my 5th meet with him and will be making silent gains in my off season post-Centrals!

~ Kristine

Kristine is an absolute beast and I have no doubt in my mind that she will one day squat 365+ and deadlift 400+ given enough time and hard training. Keep up the great work, Kristine! Watch out for her in the Open class at Centrals at the beginning of January – big things coming!

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