March Client of the Month: Jaye Kerzner

Jaye is our star of the month. She puts in an exceptional amount of work and reaps what she sows.

I came to Matt with very specific training parameters that I was being tested on for a competitive paddling team – along with a pair of sore knees and some trepidation. In coming to Matt, my overall goal was to be the best that I can be given my limitations, but my specific goal was to be able to bench 100 lb. in my fitness test and to do at least 1 pull up (maybe more).  My fear in returning to a personal trainer was that I was going to feel beat up at the gym physically and emotionally after an already gruelling week of practices. I am pleased to report that I have reached my (short term) goals and that I have never felt beat up after a workout – tired and a bit sore maybe, but not trashed.

As a 59 year old woman paddling on a team with others up to 35 years younger, I appreciate the accommodations that Matt makes to the exercises that allow me build my strength without feeling punished in the gym. I feel that I am making steady progress, but more important to me, I feel that I am learning the proper way to do the exercises. Matt is a stickler for good form and I really like that. Paying more attention to breathing, set-up and positioning details has helped me get closer to my goals. It also feels so satisfying to do “honest work” in the gym.

Matt is very organized during the workouts and in planning training cycles over a few weeks, but not to the exclusion of being able to adapt workouts when needed. He has an uncanny ability to zero in on muscle weakness and to target work in that area or to suggest a way to loosen up a muscle group so that I can progress with the work at hand.”

– Jaye

Jaye is one of the very few women that I know over the age of 50 that can easily and consistently bench press 100lbs for reps and do a bodyweight pullup as well. She shows up to each session ready to work and embraces the process every step of the way. On top of that, she has made it onto the Local Premier Dragon Boating Team for Club Crew in 2016. Nice work, Jaye. It’s a pleasure training with you.

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