June Client of the Month: Dan Topping

Dan has made tremendous gains in strength and athleticism, improving his squat by ~60% since working with StrongerYou.

This month’s Client of the Month Award goes to a long time client of StrongerYou, Dan Topping. Dan originally came to us looking to gain some muscle and improve his overall strength/athleticism. Since then, he has made tremendous strides in all of those aspects, gaining around 15 lbs of muscle, and taking his squat from below 200 lbs to 325 lbs recently, bench press from around 185 to now 250, and his deadlift from around 230 to a whopping 385.

I’ve been training with Matt for just over a year and a half now. The three main exercises we focus on are bench press, back squat, and sumo deadlift. My strength has increased considerably in each of these lifts since I’ve started with Matt which has resulted in me achieving my goals. Matt has also taught me the importance of staying on top my pre and post workout warm-up and cool down, which consists of both mobility and stability exercises. I look forward to carrying on the success I’ve had training at StrongerYou PT.

~ Dan Topping

Great work Dan, upwards and onwards! Enjoy your new SYPT swag.

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