July Client of the Month: Brenda Lee

Brenda lost almost 25% of her body weight in around 6 months and has kept it off using the coaching methods at StrongerYou, all while gaining strength

This month’s Client of the Month Award goes to Brenda Lee! Brenda started out with us looking to lose some excess weight and to trim up. She has shown exemplary levels of dedication to both her training and nutrition and the results show! In 6 months, she lost nearly 30 lbs and has managed to keep it off all while gaining an impressive amount of strength.2016-07-23_18.25.59

I have trained with Matt for almost a year. I first came to see him when I had hit a plateau with my weight loss goal. I was also determined to wear a bikini for the first time in my life by the time summer came along. I can happily say I have reached my goal, the picture on the left is when I first started back in August [2015] and the one on the right is this March when I tried on my first bikini, ahead of summer time I might add. the squats, deadlifts, and bench presses have all paid off. Not only have I reached my goal, but my posture has improved significantly thanks to Matt and his exercises. I feel more confident than I ever have in my life. My next foal is to do an unassisted chin-up and I know Matt can get me there.

~ Brenda Lee

Fantastic work, Brenda! Way to trust in the process and reap the rewards. Enjoy your SYPT merch and we look forward to helping you get even better with each session.

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