January Client of the Month: Andy Gibb

Andy has been working with StrongerYou for about a year now and has made huge gains for his mountaineering hobbies.

Our first Client of the Month for the New Year is Andy Gibb! He’s been working with us for nearly a year now and has made phenomenal progress. His hiking and mobilty have both improved greatly and he’s found a way to love his workouts even though he’s more of an outdoors kind of guy.

Andy Hiking near Mt. Baker in Washington, USA

I’ve been working with Matt for 7 months now, with a goal of general strength and mobility improvements. Although I have no specific targets for strength or weight loss, I figure that a proactive approach to keeping fit will serve me better in the long run. And it’s nice to rediscover that being fit inspires me to stay fit. My initial skepticism of personal training was quickly dispelled by Matt’s calm approach, maintaining a steady routine and focusing on form to keep me making progress. And while I’d rather be outside hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing, I’m surprised by how much I look forward to that hour in the gym each week, with its tangible feel-good factors of worked muscles and the sense of improvement over the previous session. It’s given me greater all-round strength, increased mobility, and improved balance, all of which help me to keep doing what I enjoy most- spending time in the backcountry.

~ Andy Gibb

It’s a pleasure to work with you, Andy. Looking forward to hearing all the cool hiking stories you have this year come hiking season! In the meantime, enjoy your new SYPT gear.

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