Free Powerlifting Program and Live Q+A

As part of my most recent powerlifting Q+A session, you can get a free copy of my 20-week Intermediate powerlifting program that will have you hitting PRs on your Big 3.

Every couple of months, I like to conduct a live Q+A session where I can help out powerlifters outside of Vancouver, BC with their training.

We also gave away a free powerlifting program (Password is “StartingPL”)

In this month’s Q+A, we covered the following topics (timestamped):

  • 0:50 – should you do sumo deadlifts? How to choose between sumo deadlifts and conventional deadlifts.
  • 2:45 – how to switch from conventional deadlift to sumo deadlifts without getting injured
  • 3:43 – how to write a strength block for powerlifting. How long to make a strength block for powerlifting
  • 10:30 – developing shoulder strength for bench press
  • 12:45 – how to cut 15lbs in one week for a powerlifting meet (water cut, etc)
  • 18:24 – training for powerlifting as a masters lifter
  • 24:20 – how to recover from a back injury caused by deadlifts and continue to train for powerlifting
  • 29:47 – eating enough food for powerlifting with a busy schedule
  • 36:00 – why you should skip a day of training to make better gains in your powerlifting training
  • 37:15 – how to address misalignment and asymmetry of the hips in powerlifting/single leg training
  • 41:20 – getting light-headed from squats. How to to deal with feeling dizzy when lifting heavy.

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