Zack Larmer


Zack is a competitive powerlifter and coach who has been lifting for over a decade and has competed in multiple federations since his powerlifting debut in 2020.

He has broken Pennsylvania state records for the bench press as a junior lifter and New Jersey open state records in the squat.

Currently he competes as an 83kg open lifter and has recently won his weight class at the USAPL New Jersey State Championship with a 700kg (1543lbs) total including a 600 pound squat and 402 pound bench press.

Zack is currently working to both get stronger as a lifter and to expand his knowledge of programming, kinesiology, technique coaching, and how to individualize and optimize training outcomes for his clients. His personal training philosophy prioritizes enjoyment, developing confidence and having the lifters he coaches take pride in their achievements through process driven goal-setting.


Notable Achievements
  • Level 1 USAPL certified coach
  • USAPL powerlifting competitor
  • 2x USPA Drug Tested State Record Holder