Powerlifting Articles

Squat - Center of Mass
Fine Tuning Center Of Mass In The Squat
This week’s video shows you how to individualize your squat technique based on your body proportions, strengths, and leverages by understanding proper body positioning in the squat using this simple loaded drill that doubles as an effective warmup for a heavy squat workout.
Dumbbells or Barbells For Powerlifting Accessory Work?
Ask 5 people on when you should use a dumbbell or barbell for your accessory work and you’ll get 5 different answers. This video and article dives in to which situation is best for each.
Maximum Effectiveness: Dumbbell Rows
There are a TON of different rowing exercises you can use to get your back bigger for powerlifting training, but which one is best for you? What technique changes should you make to any given row to make it work better for you and your goals?
Maximum Effectiveness: Single Leg Squat Training
We take a closer look at some of the commonly missed but extremely important aspects of getting the best results out of your unilateral work as it pertains to your squats.
Tech Corner: Conventional Deadlifts
The most important aspects to building a high performance deadlift in powerlifting. Find out what it takes to push the limits and also stay in one piece.
Tech Corner: High and Low Bar Squat
The most important aspects to building a high performance squat for both high and low bar techniques.
Tech Corner: Bench Press
The key points you need to improve your performance and reduce pain in the bench press.
Tips For Better Glute Activation
The glutes are a big contributor in the squat and deadlift but many lifters don’t know how to properly activate them. Let’s explore why this happens and how to fix it.
When To Round Your Back On Deadlifts
This article will outline the pros and cons of rounding, who uses the technique in their deadlift, as well as my professional opinion on who should and shouldn’t use it.