Breaking the Canadian Powerlifting Bench Record by 18#

How Emily broke the Canadian Powerlifting National Bench Record by over 18 lbs

Breaking a Canadian Powerlifting Bench Record by 8.5kg (17lbs)

Earlier last month, I coached Emily Wiggins at CPU Canadian Nationals just outside of Vancouver, BC in Richmond.

It was a tight battle with just a 2.5kg spread between 4th and 2nd place in the Women’s Open 76kg Class but we managed to:

  • Break a 1000lb total (1027lbs/366kg
  • Break the national bench record by over 18 lbs (255.7lbs/116kg)
  • Take home a bronze medal in the Women’s Open 76kg class
  • go 9 for 9

There was some amazing competition from the fellow competitors in the class and I’m so happy with how hard Emily has worked to continue to get stronger over these past couple years.

I can’t make a meet post without saying something cliche, so here we go:

“big things planned for this year”


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