This month’s client of the month is a long time client of StrongerYou. Dylan has been working with us for just about 2 years now and has made one of the most drastic weight GAIN transformations that I’ve seen in my clients to date. He is a prime example of trusting in the process and reaping the rewards. I still remember one of our first training sessions where I asked him to squat the empty barbell (45lbs) and he was unable to do it for even one repetition… Fast forward to nowadays and he has a personal best squat of 195lbs! Quite the improvement. Dylan has also gained a considerable amount of muscle – roughly 35 lbs of it over the last couple of years all from good diet and strength training.

I’ve been working with Matt Taylor for close to two years now and his guidance and wealth of knowledge have been key to me achieving my personal fitness goals.  Prior to working with Matt I was struggling to gain any weight or strength.  He got me started on a program where I went from being unable to squat a bar to being able to squat over my own body weight.  I had done other workouts prior to training with Matt, but his was the one that got me out of my slump and propelled me towards actually getting results.  It’s been a lot of work but it’s been worth it!”

Looking forwards to keeping the gain train going, Dylan! Enjoy your new SYPT merch and here’s to even more strength and muscle gains in the years to come.

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