9 Powerlifting Questions Answered

What you need to know about programming, shoulder mobility, technique precision, variation and MORE.

@0:30 – Rating Technical RiR vs Absolute RiR

@7:00 – Where to start with DUP (Comment PROGRAM for a free 20 week periodized program)

@9:51 – Free 8 week bench program (Comment BENCH for a free 8 week bench program)

@10:05 – Combining distance running and Powerlifting

@11:30 – Getting back to lifting for a meet after time off.

@17:45 – Using year round singles even in volume blocks

@19:50 – Non barbell focused training blocks for powerlifters

@22:02 – Combining competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding training

@24:40 – keeping rotator cuff healthy while benching (comment ROTATOR CUFF for free shoulder mobility and bench technique trainings)

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