7 Things You Should Do to Hit a Squat PR

Are you using all 7 of these squat tips in your training?
  1. Include single leg training twice per week.
  2. Use a tripod foot. Maintain 3 points of contact throughout the lift.
  3. Use reps to build strength and singles to showcase it.
  4. Box Squats and Squat to Box are 2 effective exercises at building depth, technique, and hip strength, even if you don’t compete equipped.
  5. Have at least one day per week where you train a hip hinge such as an RDL, or even conventional deadlift.
  6. If you compete in a low bar position, use high bar and safety squat bar squats to build up your quads in your higher volume phases of training.
  7. If you have a sticking point just outside of the hole, pause above parallel instead of in the hole

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