3080 Powerlifting Training Sessions

220 sessions per year for 14 years goes a long way

200-240 powerlifting training sessions per year for 14 years.

Run out an average of 220 sessions and that’s over 3000 training sessions.

To date, my best lifts have been a 480 squat, 343 bench, and 551 deadlift as a 183lb lifter.

Took me a DANG while to get there, I will say, but not bad progress for someone who was a measly 99 lbs neck deep in a pretty significant eating disorder and could barely squat 95, bench 65, and deadlift 115 when he started lifting.

There were years where i added maybe 40 lbs to my total, there were years where i added >200 lbs, but one thing always stayed consistent: me.

Showing up on good days and showing up on bad ones too.

Modifying training blocks around injuries, assessing weak points and building them up.

All because deep down I knew that progress doesn’t only happen when it feels nice and the big picture mattered a lot more than any one shitty session or even a whole shitty training year where I was tired, sore, etc.

And yep this was me after my first workout ever with a HUUUUUGE pump

Keep kicking a ball in the same direction for a long time and it has a way of travelling a pretty big distance.

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