3 Steps To Write a Powerlifting Program

What you need to know to write a powerlifting program in 3 easy steps


  1. Select Your Training Phase
    Are you training to peak for a meet in 8 weeks? Keep exercise variation minimal

    Working on adding mass in between comps? Now’s a good time to include more variations
  2. Set+periodize volume
    Determine number of overloading sets per week for each main lift

    Balance out fatigue from each lift to ensure maximum performance on heavy days
  3. Program Reps+Intensity
    Closer to competition: 85-100+%, 1-3 reps

    Basic strength phases: 75-90%, 3-6 reps

    Volume phases: 55-75%, 6-10 reps

    The closer you are to competition, the more intense and lower volume training should be.

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