10+ Great Powerlifting Resources

The Top 10 resources that I’ve learned from for powerlifting technique, programming and mobility.

I just had one of the lifters I coach ask me what I thought were some good resources to learn about if they wanted to get into powerlifting coaching.

Below is a compilation of resources I’ve found to be very valuable over the last ~9 years of coaching, divided by category and ordered from least to most complex. I’ve deliberately omitted the really obvious stuff like getting a certification or anything region specific.


  • Conor Harris
  • PRI home study courses. The 3 primary courses all work together. They are really good and go into a lot more detail than Conor Harris, though his stuff is a good “practical application” of the PRI theories.
    • Pelvis
    • Myokin
    • Respiration
  • Bill hartman
    • this might be a bit tough to navigate without a good educational background but there is some REALLY good stuff on his site.



  • With this one, I would say checking out the JTS pillars series would be a great starting point and then just experimenting and getting versed in video review.

What do you think is missing from this list?

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