Gym time with a trainer is an excellent route in achieving your fitness-related goals. But for some, it can be intimidating and difficult to commit to.

Tandem training is a first-rate option. This is due to a variety of reasons: a lower cost per person, increased motivation, the ability to try partner-required exercises, and a less intimidating start to your fitness journey.

First off, a 2:1 trainee-to-trainer ratio allows your partner to sustain your motivation. They act as a “fitness sponsor” – holding you accountable. Let’s say one day you’re feeling run down after a long week at work –  considering skipping your workout (you can always come back on Monday and make up for it, right?).  You message your training partner and say you aren’t feeling well and want to skip. Since you would be unfairly leaving them to workout alone, they might tell you to suck it up. You’re in this together, after all. At some point down the line, you might run into the inverse scenario. This is why many programs use this approach with great success.

Not only does tandem training increase program adherence and motivation, but it’s also an affordable option. In fact, training prices for 2:1 training sessions are (on average) 25% LESS expensive per person.

This style of personal training also allows you to try new exercises – ones you wouldn’t be able to do in a 1-on-1 training setup. Exercises such as a seated partner medicine ball toss require 2 trainees and can be an effective (and fun) way to develop your core musculature.

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Last, but certainly not least, tandem training is great for beginners. If you start with a personal trainer and have a friend by your side, it makes the process feel a bit less intense (and more social). By the same token, if you sign on as a single trainee, we ensure to pair you with a trainee with similar goals and of a similar level. The ‘fitness sponsor’ relationship will grow naturally from there.

There are plenty of upsides to tandem training. You have improved accountability, lower financial investment, more exercise variety, and ease of practice. With all these positives for training, there’s really no reason not to get started. Try it out.

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