Personal Training


1-on-1 Personal Training


50 minute sessions with a 1:1 trainer:trainee ratio.

This is the most comprehensive option for those seeking to maximize their results.

Included in this option is diet planning along with a full exercise and stretching program.


Tandem Personal Training


50 minute sessions with a 1:2 trainer:trainee ratio.

Ideal for couples or friends looking to get in shape together for a lower per-person rate.

All the same extras as 1-on-1 training are included.


Online Personal Training

For motivated athletes looking to increase their performance in powerlifting or simply to get stronger. Online personal training can be a fantastic option for those with a busy work schedule or other time constraints as well as a more cost effective medium than in-person training. As a powerlifter, this is also advantageous because you won’t be limited by equipment or time during a session.

Each week you will receive a personalized training program through a shared ¬†Dropbox folder. This includes all of the items listed below. As you go through the week, you will do the exercises as prescribed in your program and fill out the spreadsheet accordingly. If you elect the Performance Plan +, you will also film your lifts for video review and post them to the team page. Once you have finished the week, you send us an email letting us know how it all went and we repeat the process from there. You can do the workouts on YOUR time and pick WHEN you want to do them. That’s the magic of online training!

Included in the Performance Plan+ is:

  • Weekly customized program,
  • Diet planning,
  • Mobility resources,
  • Access to StrongerYou Resource Videos
  • Video review of all your lifts to ensure maximum technical proficiency and injury risk reduction
  • Unlimited e-mails

Included in the Basic Performance Plan is:

  • Weekly customized program,
  • Mobility resources,
  • Access to StrongerYou Resource Videos
  • Weekly e-mail check-in
  • *All applicants for this option must be able to film their lifts and upload to an online source.*


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