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Whether you’re stuck and can’t seem to continue progressing towards your fitness related goals, or just getting bored of the same old thing, we can help you gain back momentum!

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If you are injured, your trainer can work together with your doctor to make sure that your training routine is effective, but safe at the same time. Working out is supposed to create better health, not impair you further.

Matt Taylor, CPT, FMS, Pn1

Certified Personal Trainer

CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

Adaptive Bodywork

Level 1 Certified.

Reduce pain and muscle tightness with a unique manual therapy method.

Functional Movement Screen

Level 2 certified

Precision Nutrition

Level 1 certified

Exponentially improve your results from your training by taking your diet and nutrition into account.

World Powerlifting Champion

1st Place, Men’s Sub-Junior, AAU World Powerlifting Championship Oct, 2014

Post Rehab Certified

How do you get back in to exercising after an injury and physiotherapy? We can help!


CPR/AED certified and renewed annually.

Chad Nabe, NSCA-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer

Adaptive Bodywork

Level 1 Certified.

Reduce pain and muscle tightness with a unique manual therapy method.

Provincial Level Powerlifting Competitor

British Columbia Powerlifting Association, Provincial Championship, June 2014.

SFU Rowing Team

Simon Fraser University Rowing team, Seat 8. Regional competitor, 2010.


CPR/AED certified and renewed annually.

March Client of the Month: Jaye Kerzner

Though it can seem that the Client of the Month Award would go to clients who lose the most weight, gain the most muscle, and so on, that’s not always the case. Jaye has won this award for the month of March because of her relentless determination to consistently improve even in the face of setbacks such as surgery and past injuries. I came to Matt with very specific training parameters that I was being tested on for a competitive paddling team – along with a pair of sore knees and some trepidation. In coming to Matt, my overall goal was to be the best that I can be given my limitations, but my specific goal was to be able to bench 100 lb. in my fitness test and to do at least 1 pull up (maybe more).  My fear in returning to a personal trainer was that I was going to feel beat up at the gym physically and emotionally after an already grueling week of practices. I am pleased to report that I have reached my (short term) goals and that I have never felt beat up after a workout – tired and a bit sore maybe, but not trashed. As a 59 year old woman paddling on a team with others up to 35 years younger, I appreciate the accommodations that Matt makes to the exercises that allow me build my strength without feeling punished in the gym. I feel that I am making steady progress, but more important to me, I feel that I am learning the proper way to do the exercises. Matt is... read more

The StrongerYou Formula – a 6-Week Program to Achieve Your Goals

If the first three months of 2017 are any indicator of pace – summer will be here before we know it. While we’re not in the business of quick fixes or crash courses, we can’t deny that warm weather (and the associated swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops) is a motivating factor for fitness. To help you achieve your goals, we have set up the StrongerYou Formula – a 6-week individualized program to support your success. As we believe in sustainable and long-term effects, this is the perfect stepping-stone to a future of fitness and goal achievement. With the right mentality and commitment, you’ll see results in time for beach season (and will be able to maintain those results into sweater weather). So, what is the StrongerYou Formula? We have set out two options (conveniently named option A. and option B.). With the StrongerYou Formula, we have found that the clients that train at higher frequencies get the best results. Don’t believe us? Check out our most recent client of the month: Dylan Buckley. He trains with us 3 times per week and is seeing phenomenal progress. Option A includes: 6 weeks of 1-on-1 training at a frequency of 3 times a week Goal assessment and check ins Nutritional guidance and diet recommendations Total cost of $1200+GST Option B includes: 6 weeks of 1-on-1 training at a frequency of 2 times a week Goal assessment and check ins Nutritional guidance and diet recommendations Total cost of $900+GST We assist you in accountability, injury prevention, and overall adherence. All you have to do is bring your game face and we’ll do... read more

Life with a Busy Schedule: Getting to Your Fitness Goals

Life with a Busy Schedule: Getting to your Fitness Goals Life can get busy. As a business owner, I can attest to this – sometimes it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day. As such, taking care of yourself and your fitness can be hard to prioritize. So today, we’ve come up with some easy tricks you can implement into your daily routine to make staying on track much easier. Schedule your workouts and prep time – Just the same as you would schedule a meeting or doctor’s appointment into your calendar, do the same with your workouts and meal prep. This is actually one of the great reasons why hiring a personal trainer can be so beneficial to adherence – you now have 1-5 blocks per week where you have exactly 0 excuses as to why you shouldn’t be at the gym kicking butt! Even if you don’t have a trainer, the same concept applies. Bulk Prep – you know what they say: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! One easy way to plan for diet through a busy work week is to set aside a couple hours every Sunday (or whatever other day you have off during the week) to plan out your week’s menu, grocery shop for all the necessary ingredients. Then, bulk prep any ingredients that you know you’ll be using a lot (and that won’t spoil). Some easy ones for bulk prep are: a pot of rice, chopping all your vegetables for easy access, marinating your meats, and cooking your meats a few days in advance. Frozen veggies are... read more

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Inspiring Success Stories

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Incredible. Matt has brought me to a level of fitness I haven’t experienced in years. Having trained with over a dozen different trainers in Vancouver, I can honestly say Matt is head and shoulders above the rest. His solid knowledge and honest encouragement is a fantastic benefit to anyone looking to reach their true potential. But the most important trait he brings to the table is his attention to detail. The perfection of movement and form he imparts reaches a level where you feel the difference. Every session builds upon the last, and I have made amazing strides thanks to his smart approach to goal-setting and continuous progress. Imagine the body you want, and the confidence that comes with it. Matt will get you there.

Since beginning training with Matt, I have achieved:

-5 lbs of fat loss

-muscle size and density increase

– better sense of flexibility

– adoption of myofascial release exercises

– greater awareness of daily calaoric intake

– improved movement and form during exercises

Alexander Glua

Alexander Glua Photography

I began training with Matt seven months ago; starting from nothing. I had never lifted weights in my life. Having a background in gymnastics made it easier to understand physical queues, but I still had no idea what I was doing. Now I have others complimenting my form is any time I step into the squat rack (and I thought they were supposed to be difficult!). My trainer not only knows how to lift, but how to adjust training depending on your individual body, in order to achieve your goals. Starting with an incredible trainer has paid off and I plan to continue working with Matt and seeing how far I can push myself. If anyone can help you realise your potential, it’s him. You’ll be glad you signed up..

Shayla Fowler

Medical Lab Technician

Matt taught me key exercises and stretches that were specific to my goals to improve my sport performance (higher strength to weight ratio, explosive power, higher vertical jump, ect.). He was professional and extremely knowledgeable about weight lifting form and technique. I especially appreciated his motivational attitude. He pushed me to surpass my own expectations of myself (as a woman in a mostly male weight room, I gained confidence in my abilities and Matt encouraged me to ignore any pre-conceived notions of what types of exercises women can and/or should do). He emphasizes stretching, accommodates injuries (I had a broken little toe midway through training), and writes out progressive workout plans. A great overall experience.

Sonja Brenner

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